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Of course not all Housing Authorities are created equal but the vision, business objectives, and purpose across all remains the same.  The organizations we have worked with recently share the same ideology; to help low income families with their living situations.

Housing Authorities have similar challenges regardless of their size, staff, or territory.  Being a government agency, these organizations have to deal with forms and documents; often overwhelmingly so.  Since focus can be divided between their properties and residents, it can be a daunting task to find the right document or information they need at the exact time they need it.

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Housing Authority of Snohomish County

HASCO is a Housing Authority agency for Snohomish County in Washington State.  Devblock helped HASCO develop a solution that would organize their content that would be conducive to document retention and records management.  They also needed to create an environment that would promote interdepartmental collaboration and sharing of content yet allow departments to function independently when applicable.

How we helped:

  • Building an Intranet to improve collaboration and sharing
  • Developing a document management system that would properly manage organization content and improve the overall user experience
  • Develop an automated records management solution to ensure compliance to retention regulations
  • Deploy Microsoft Teams as a messaging, conference and short-term collaboration solution
  • Train staff on the use and management of the solution

Everett Housing Authority

The Everett Housing Authority as been serving the Everett, WA Community since 1942.  With over 1000 properties to manage, the organization needed a solution to manage their content effectively and move from paper to digital format.  They quickly realized that they are not suited to remote work and needed a solution to move to a cloud-based platform.  EVHA recognizes that technology is a concept that they need to embrace to stay current and relevant for their clients and residents and are looking forward to the changes provoked by the new norm.

How we're helping:

  • Migrating content from File Servers to Microsoft 365 while preserving document information
  • Creating a document management system that is efficient and easy for the staff to learn and use
  • Creating a plan to transform paper documents to electronic copies and organize within the DMS
  • Create business automation using workflows to properly vet and approved content prior to publishing
  • Apply a compliance solution that would automate the retention/disposition of applicable content based on regulations
  • Improve sharing and collaboration within the organization
  • Create an environment that promotes community, awareness and overall education for all staff
  • Develop an Intranet that allows departments have workspaces, share content, collaborate and manage their business
  • Train staff on the use and management of the solution

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